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It was easy to organize this exhibit that reveals the impact that Ylem has had on the world in the 20 years since its founding in 1981. We just said to our members past and present: Choose one of your best artworks that uses science and technology.

It is harder to describe the wonders that poured in to fill the SomArts Gallery in San Francisco from September 4th through 22nd, 2001. The show is an embodiment of the idea that artists use the best tools and materials of their eras to express their ideas and passions, questions and proclamations. Artworks using motion-sensing devices, digital printing, holography, internet connection, video, 3-d photography, laser-cut steel, electro-luminescent wire, chip design and computer-generated sculpture were displayed among works of traditional painting, drawing, etching, silkscreen, photography, collage, and sculpture of wire and wood.

The diversity of the media justified the Ylem Board's stance in organizing this self-curated show: that no one judge or even a panel could be expert enough in every field to make informed exclusions. The universally excellent quality of the art revealed the creativity, intelligence and professionalism of the 80 artists. They generously sent descriptions of their processes about their work for binders on display, and shared the belief that technology and science can be used to create and teach, not exploit and destroy.    more

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