The Logic and Use of the On-Line Catalogue

This site uses the metaphor of a catalogue to organize its contents.

First: The Table of Contents lists the artists in the exhibition alphabetical order and also gives a random ordering of their images. All are clickable with links to the artist's page.
Second: The Exhibition Statement is a reference and special thanks to those who worked with the exhibition,
Third: The Artists' Pages run in alphabetical order, and show the contents of the exhibition.
Arrows < > will appear alongside the Artists' Pages link along the lower navigation. By clicking on these, you will be taken forwards and backwards through the names and images. By selecting the name of the artist, you will be taken to the Index of Artist page where contact info for that artist appears.The rollover colors do not appear as designed in Netscape 4 versions.
Fourth: The Essay of the Exhibition gives a verbal description of the pieces included in the exhibit, the philosophy of YLEM and categorizes the pieces in terms of media.
Fifth: The Index of Artists functions like an actual index in a book, and instead of page numbers for the referenced artist, by clicking on the artist's name, you will be taken to the page that contains an image of their work which was included in the exhibition. If the artist gave a URL, by clicking on it, a new, resizable window will open with the artist's web site. However, Netscape version 4 does not read the code, and Netscape 6 misinterprets it, so if using these browser versions, you will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser window.
Sixth: the YLEM link will take you to the home page of YLEM. To return to the catalogue after selecting YLEM, use the back button of your browser or follow the links on the YLEM site to return to the Exhibition Catalogue.


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